Welcome to Vive Halal, a blog for anyone (Muslim or not) who wants to know what’s in their products!

I decided to start this blog after realising that while I’m obsessed with knowing what’s in my food and whether or not it’s halal, I don’t pay attention to my beauty products. After endless searching, the closest halal-friendly lists I could find were vegan (none were vegetarian), though they didn’t take into account alcohol. Plus, a lot of the lists focused on cruelty-free brands, not necessarily those that don’t use animal-derived ingredients. I decided to take matters into my own hands; and so, Vive Halal was born!

VH is still in its early stages, and so there’s still a lot that I have yet to cover. Have a look at what I’ve done so far:

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VH is always growing, so check back regularly!

Please note that I will not be ruling on whether any ingredient is halal or haram as I am not qualified to do so. Any rulings are backed up with sources. I aim to provide you with enough information so that you will be able to decide for yourself which ingredients you will avoid. If a product contains an ingredient which one person  may consider halal while another does not (such as alcohol), I will include the product and clearly state this beside it. The halal-friendly lists are merely a guide to help you make a more informed decision as to what’s in the products you’re using.